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Backdrop Ideas

What they're used for... The possibilities are endless.

Creating the illusion of depth
The right backdrop adds another dimension to your performance; it adds perspective. Backdrops 'set the stage'.

Enhancing the location
Backdrops aren't just used for shows and theater productions. They can be used to elevate a meeting, or reinforce any theme at a conference or convention.

Making a scene
Backdrops can be used for training purposes. They don't have to be one-time rentals. A backdrop, or set of backdrops can be used to create the illusion of some situation necessary to immerse the participants in the exercise. This is an excellent alternative to expensive simulators

A logos, a likeness and your name
You can have your logo, likeness or your name transformed into a spectacular canvas creation. Imagine, your logo or your name greeting your customers as they enter the door. It might hang on either side of the stage, across the top or clear across the whole thing!

Our banners won't dry out or become brittle like other plastic banners. We use a muslin canvas on which we paint your design. As for why you might want a banner, well there are simply too many reasons to list here.



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