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A Brief History: Jane Galt

Jane Galt, seen in the picture right, loved to paint. An accomplished artist Jane also loved theater and so combined her two loves into J Galt Design, a place where she could paint works of art for theatrical use.

Over the period of some 25 years she painted over 350 canvases both large and small. Her "hanging works" have appeared in major cities across the United States and, indeed, around the world.

Jane passed away in 2006 after a battle with cancer. Her memory lives on through family, her company, J Galt design, and the works, which still delight audiences coast to coast.

Prior to her passing, friends and clients Mark and Brenda Froehlich purchased the company and continue in her memory. In 2006, the corporate offices were moved to Wilton Connecticut and in the fall of 2007 J Galt Design completed construction of its new studio and storage space in the new location.

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