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Custom Painted Backdrops

Get the information about our custom painted backdrops.


Custom painted backdrops for rental
This is an exciting option. We can create a backdrop that meets your design requirements and size specifications. While you are able to use it, we the company, retain ownership of the drop. The benefit is you get the exact backdrop that you want for your production with a rental price much lower than the cost of purchasing a drop. If the design and size are general or common enough that we deem the the backdrop 'rentable' to others, this is an excellent option for you.


Custom painted backdrops for purchase
Do you always rent the same backdrop? Do you always do the same production? It can be frustrating to discover that your favorite drop is already booked. The best option is to own the backdrop or backdrops yourself. Possessing your own backdrops relieves a little of the pressure at show time. In addition, owning your backdrops saves you money. You can easily recover the cost of purchasing a backdrop compared to spending the money every year on rental and shipping fees.

Finding just the right backdrop can be difficult. You might find just the right design but the size is too small. One alternative to pulling out your hair in desperation is allowing us create the perfect backdrop just for you. We will create a masterpiece for you in virtually any size, exactly how you want it to look.

We offer competitive pricing. To help you, we offer flexible payment options. Owning a backdrop, or set or backdrops, may be easier than you think.


Professional design services
Whether it is in the conception, creation, tweaking or finalizing stage; we will assist you in turning your drawing-size design into a full-size reality.


Prepared designs painted just how you want
When you are ready to turn your design into a full-size backdrop, we are here to help. We can turn any design, drawing or doodle into an inspiring giant.


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