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Hanging and Folding

How to successfully unfold, hand and refold the drops to ensure you get your full security deposit returned.


Important – When working with the drop, sweep the stage.  Returning a dirty, damaged or improperly folded drop may result in charges.

Downloadable Hanging and Folding directions:

Downloadable and printable versions of the following directions are available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. Please click the appropriate link below to download the file for your own reference and for easier printing. PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  If you need to install Acrobat Reader, you can do so for free by clicking here.

• Download Hanging and Folding directions as PDF



Step 1) Sweep stage, remove all sharp objects from the stage floor.
Step 2) Place the backdrop upstage center (in the rear of the stage), with the ties on the upstage (rear) side.
Step 3) Unfold the drop parallel to the rear of the stage.
Step 4) The next step requires two people. Together, unfold each layer towards the front of the stage (downstage) until the backdrop is completely laid out, face up.. Do not walk on it. It is ready to hang if batten is down.



Step 1) Begin by tying the drop at center, marked by a white tie line, working out to both ends. Tie as you would the laces on your shoes.  No fancy knots are required. This will facilitate easy removal.
Step 2) Raise the drop slowly until it is one foot off the stage. If the drop is to be flown during the show, counterweight accordingly.
If the backdrop is to be hung from a “dead hung” pipe, please support it carefully with several people. The line may need to be replaced with a longer length to reach the stage. Please return the drop with original tie line.


Lowering and Refolding:

Lowering and refolding will require multiple people. Don’t forget to sweep the stage.
Step 1) As the drop is lowered, use as many people as needed to ensure the drop remains face up and flat on the stage.
Step 2) Place Backdrop on stage floor face up.
Step 3) This and the next 2 steps requires two people. Together fold the lower corners to upper corners.
Step 4) Fold again from lower edge to top and smooth out any wrinkles.
Step 5) Fold again in the same manner until the backdrop is approximately 3 feet tall. Again, smooth out any wrinkles or creases.
Step 6) Fold edges towards the center, leaving enough space for the final book fold, about 6 inches.
Step 7) Fold edges towards the center again, in the same manner until the backdrop can be folded into a rectangle no larger than 20 inches by 3 ft. This will ensure the drop fits in the original shipping carton.
http://jgaltdesign.com/media/howto/refold/rf_step05.gif    http://jgaltdesign.com/media/howto/refold/rf_step05.gif
Step 8) Place drop in original bag. This will prevent water damage during shipping.  Water damage may result in charges.

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