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We have divided our drops into the following categories to help you find what it is you are looking for.


We appologize. Many of the category links are under construction. Please use our Alphabetical List or Catalog.

Alphabetical List
All drops listed in alphabetical order.

Musicals and Shows A - Z
Grouped by show. There may be something in here you could use in a production other than the show it’s categorized under. We recommend you browse other titles as well.

Buildings, pieces of buildings, where building design is a prominent feature, etc.

Rooms or bits and pieces of rooms and decors.

Both real and fanciful scenes of mountains, forests, gardens and more

Everything from bunting and flying CDs to a stylized version of the Chrysler Building.

Any drop that has a doorway, window or other feature cut out. Openings vary in size from door width to the entire stage.

Semi-transparent backdrops.  When lit only from the front, you will see the scene as painted and nothing behind it. If it is lit from behind as well, it becomes semi-transparent, revealing actors and scenery behind.

Narrow, painted drops or scenes which can be used to add depth to your scene. Typically, they are typically 8-16 feet wide and are hung to either stage left and or stage right positions. Black legs can be hung in line with a narrow drop, making the smaller backdrops useful in larger venues.

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