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Choosing a Backdrop

How to successfully choose a backdrop that suits your needs.

Knowing the answers to these questions can help with your search of the perfect backdrop or backdrops.


Consider your resources.
Building your own sets or painting your own backdrop can prove to be a daunting and time-consuming task. Do you have the people to accomplish the work? If not, using a backdrop may be the best option for you.

Consider your space.
Know the dimensions of the stage you're using. How tall is it? How wide is it? Do the borders and legs move, or are they dead-hung?

Does your space need a little something extra?
Does the black curtain at the back of the stage seem lacking? Sometimes having a couple of sparse props on stage is not sufficient to convince or engage the audience. Backdrops can be an inexpensive and easy way to add color and depth to a stage or to establish an atmosphere or mood.

Does your show have a theme?
Many dances can be tied together with a common theme or idea. A backdrop may be very specific or vague; it can relate to the show in a very direct manner or it can be something more existential.


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